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Marker nowotworowy  DRG Elisa CA72-4:
CA 72-4 (Cancer antigen 72-4) was originally described as an antigenic determinant recognized by B 72.3, a murine monoclonal antibody raised against a membrane extract of mamacarcinoma metastasases. Elevated CA 72-4 levels in serum and plasma have been reported in various malignant diseases including carcinomas of pancreas, stomach, gall, colon, mamma, ovaries, cervix and endometrium. There is a good correlation between CA 72-4 levels and tumor stage and size. CA 72-4 is the marker of choice for the therapeutic monitoring and follow-up care of gastrointestinal cancer patients. Suitable second markers are CA 19-9 or CEA. Additionally, CA 72-4 has been used as an independent marker for the therapeutic monitoring and follow-up care of ovarian cancer patients, in particular in CA 125 negative patients.


Cripto-1 ELISA

Nowość : ELISA/CLA: Cyfra 21-1

Cytokeratin 19 is expressed in most body tissues. Cyfra 21-1 levels are therefore elevated in many cancer forms. It is predominantly used for the management of patients suffering from lung cancer. It is particularly helpful in the differential diagnosis of bronchial carcinoma.
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